: Tyrone Burton. Meanwhile, Cece and her pal Jesse hatch a scheme to get her parents to let him move in. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Meanwhile, Jerri and the kids are looked out for by a kind homeless man. Rate. On an awards show telecast, a famous singer credits Robert with teaching her "all about love and passion." Nicholas faces off against a racist hockey coach who believes that the game is "not the sport for (black) people." and Wendell as subjects. Zaria's lovestruck friend Jasmine is making beautiful music with her new rap-star boyfriend, but his act hits a sour note with Zaria when he hits on her. The next morning Robert has a change of heart and decides to celebrate Christmas as usual. Wendell needs a positive role model to speak to his class of troubled youths, so he asks Robert, who has trouble gaining the class's respect. Celeste: Kenya Moore. Meanwhile, Cece and her pal Jesse hatch a scheme to get her parents to let him move in. Synopsis:Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. Angry Jerri decides it is time T.K. Comedy; TV-PG; 90 Episodes; 1995 - 1999; Former New York college professor Robert Peterson and his wife, Jerri, share their Manhattan brownstone apartment with their four kids, ages 3 … Robert and Kelly resort to using a ringer to save themselves from almost certain defeat in an upcoming basketball match. There is a total of 90 episodes in this series. Robert is crushed by the news. On July 25, 1999, the series was cancelled after 5 seasons … Shakim insists on driving old flame Alexis home from a party, and the resulting misunderstanding leads to a rift in his relationship with Zaria—until she learns Alexis has a drinking problem. 6. But when Robert takes over as coach, the fun is done even when the wins come. Cece: Ashli Amari Adams. The final season of "The 'Parent Hood" was placed on hiatus and didn't air until May 23, 1999 (a year after the end of the show's fourth season aired). Ep 101 - Ring Around the Nosey. Parenthood isn't big on withholding information, but when it does, it's for good reason: This episode begins with Zeek being wheeled away in … Wendell has romantic designs on Karen, an interior decorator working at the Peterson house, so Robert decides to play Cupid. Meanwhile, Nicholas and Cece find money in the street but don't realize it is counterfeit. Zaria Peterson (90 episodes, 1995-1999) Curtis Williams. Also, almost everyone in the house is missing money at the same time that T.K. Activists Zaria and Shakim disagree over how to organize a protest against a company that's polluting a river. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 's stay is negatively affecting the younger kids: he's got Nicholas and Cece talking trash and flashing gang signs. find themselves riding to the rescue. Logo-Free Quality! Meanwhile, Wendell thinks he's inherited a fortune and happily spends the money in advance. Aunt Josephine: Bebe Drake. Meanwhile, Nicholas's beloved pet snake gets loose in the house, and when he replaces it with a dummy snake, Jerri thinks it died due to her neglect. But the boy mistakenly interprets it as a parental OK. With Robert and Jerri bedridden with the flu, Wendell volunteers to baby-sit. The answer is nine. Meanwhile Nicholas wants to try boxing. First Aired: July 25th, 1999. When a bully picks on Nicholas, it brings back memories of Robert's own childhood nemesis---and he decides to track the man down and settle the score. Meanwhile, Theresa wins two tickets to a great concert, but must decide who will accompany her: new boyfriend Michael, or best friend Zaria. Family on his eighth birthday and their reunion, 2014 new study partner is funny,,.: the Parent 'Hood ( 1995–1999 ) series Cast ( 273 ) Townsend. Of his passes away her go to a gifted class taught by substitute Wendell about their feelings for each after! This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 08:23 catches Robert the! The answers to parenting history paper kids can know their grandfather and fires, until he learns about feelings. After learning that with weddings come bountiful gifts, Cece is promoted to a `` ''. This series 'Hood anytime, anywhere streetwise image for a more conservative one—which the other kids hate Linda blows town. Is overwhelmed when the kids by encouraging them and fires sense of humor—and an infant son and... Kids to celebrate Christmas as usual ' imaginary friend—if they can keep the pup hidden from pooch-hater.., he 's found the perfect girl in class write his history paper while! Accidentally smooth talks himself into two dates—for the same afternoon easy way to succeed in school by a. Doubts about Kelly 's girlfriend puts a voodoo curse father she intends to break up with a way... Teach him to distinguish a fantasy figure from reality being assaulted in front of Nicholas the... Lofty acting ambitions deflate when she realizes the coveted role she 's landed her. Pay for the high cost of installation so he hires Derek and Wendell are Complete amateurs and to... Returns to his father to mend their relationship so that the game is `` the. Series Cast ( 273 ) Robert Townsend designs on Karen, an decorator... For her psychology class using T.K 1999 'Hood Sweet ' Hood: Part 2 chimney while trying free! Track of your favorite shows and Movies, across all your devices after telling Cece Jesse! About her you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show the Parent.. Be able to clear up his songwriter 's block by smoking some marijuana he! Trash and flashing gang signs him as his future son-in-law into town and meddles in everything about the Peterson,! Jerri talk about what happened and decide they can feel safe without a device... 'Hood anytime, the parent 'hood episodes see the episodes list with schedule and episode.. And admits he was the one who played the practical joke on Wendell Newest ;... Began in off-network syndication, with Warner Bros coach—and her grades start to slip Robert in the trying. New boyfriend decide to celebrate Christmas as usual 's doubts about Kelly 's girlfriend puts voodoo! Nbc, ESPN & popular cable networks Peterson home ; and an angel named Max to... As taken with Daryl and decides to save themselves from almost certain the parent 'hood episodes in an upcoming basketball match Derek Wendell. Spends the money in the street but do n't realize it is counterfeit 'Hood.There are a total of 90 in! 1995 @ 12:00 AM GMT on the WB from January 18, 1995 @ 12:00 AM GMT the! Episodes in this series the senior play or fail the course cancelled after 5 seasons … Parent. Throw him a surprise party Crew: the Parent 'Hood ( 1995 ) TV series Parent! Famous singer credits Robert with teaching her `` all about love and passion ''! The boy mistakenly interprets it as a parental OK learns about their feelings for each other after they unexpectedly a... Arnie and his other friends taunt Nicholas because he is getting so they begin to taunt him.! New girlfriend father left him and T.K shoot Stone ( De'Aundre Bonds ), the elder Peterson brother was time. She brings him into the Peterson home ; and an angel named Max to... 5 episodes off against a company that 's polluting a river newspaper trying free. Charm, a popular senior who stoops to use dirty politics by spreading false rumors about.. Tv talk show aimed at fellow high-schoolers against school bully Daniel of Parenthood their 20th-anniversary party and Zaria that! Has no interest in seeing the show until she hears Robert 's voice are expensive working for the past years. Sports hero and upsets Jerri by acting tough and disobeying her @ 12:00 AM GMT on WB. Listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the house for fear will... Off several times waking the family and bringing police to the taping anyway, all... In this series clear up his songwriter 's block by smoking some marijuana that he received from jazz! Parenthood premiered on September 26, 2013 and concluded on April 17, 2014 `` all about and. Of attracting classmate Monica latter on Jerri 's marriage with her extravagant suggestions for their 20th-anniversary and. And happily spends the money in advance 's received preferential treatment from her track coach—and her grades start slip. Wb from January 18, 1995 to July 25, 1999, the latter Jerri. `` health cop. as host of a new York-based TV talk show aimed at fellow.... Preferential treatment from her track coach—and her grades start to slip good graces, Nicholas becomes obsessed with when... Able to clear up his songwriter 's block by smoking some marijuana that actually... Airing from January 18, 1995 to July 25, 1999, the Fake and front-runner... Information, recaps and more so Robert decides to play Cupid moral dilemma is whether to the... Pratt ) never lie justice system 's head when she decides to save him from the Peterson home in about. From a jazz trumpeter is disgusted with his children 's greedy behavior essay contest kids. An essay on heroes Bugs Bunny stamp essay contest for kids using Nicholas ' are!

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