The standard bathroom vanity height for a long time was 30 to 32 inches tall—but not anymore. As I mentioned above, the heights of all types of bathroom sinks vary from 30 inches to 36 inches. Here are the standard sink sizes: Standard Round Sink Sizes: Round sinks usually run around 16-20 inches in diameter with an average depth of 5-8 inches; Standard Rectangular Sink Sizes: Rectangular designed sinks run 19-24 inches wide, 16-23 inches long with an average water depth of 5-8 inches; How are sink sizes measured? Bathroom sink aerators wear over time and can also become clogged, especially if you have hard water. Guide To Standard Bathroom Sink Sizes And Dimensions. The standard width for cloakroom basins is 450mm. Hi! Typically two 7 – 9 inches deep equal bowls sink will be 1/2 of an inch smaller than standard kitchen cabinets width usually 30, 33, 36 or 42 inches. Basically, in the American Disability Act, they have categorized the standard height for bathroom sink into three groups. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This lavatory self rims and is supplied with template to make installation easier. 13K+ Save. Before the widespread use of the metric system, it was generally accepted that the standard bath size in the UK was 5 foot 6 inches in length. However, faucet holes may vary in size depending on the particular make and model. Aerator sizes vary, and there are several different types from which to choose. The width applies to the distance from the front to the back of the sink. ADA Compliant. DIMENSIONS: Height - 17-3/4" Width - 21-1/4" Download Spec Sheet. Full-Size Bathroom Dimensions. The Standard Size and Setting. It should be spacious to give each person their own three to five inches on each side of the sink. See standard Shower sizes & dimensions, Toilet sizes & space requirements, bathroom Sink spacing issues, Tub placement & sizes, and overall Bathroom Room Sizes for a full bath, small bath, half bath, and water closet / powder room. If you want to get one of these, check our list of best standard size bathroom sinks here. So, to accommodate a mixed height household, your best option is to go for a 30 to 32 inches sink. The depth of the sink is around 200mm. But then every Moen faucet I look at says it's designed for a 1 1/2" hole. I recently renovated my bathroom and selected the American Standard Studio S series, including the double draw vanity, 33 inch vanity top sink and widespread bathroom faucet. You will want to pay close attention to all bathroom vanity dimensions, not just width. Read also: Bathroom Sink Materials Pros and Cons. (Trust me, you don’t want to play bumping elbows with your partner when you are in a rush to work! Thank you so much for the different options. A 33-by-22 inch sink will fit into a corner sink base cabinet that measures 36 inches on each wall. In most remodeling projects, this will be the type alcove tub you install, since other options would require build-out to change the physical size of the bathroom itself. The minimum you're allowed by code in the US is 5ft x 2.5ft (1.5m x 0.76m). I had purchased one faucet, but I don't love it and have been thinking of returning it. Personal preferences, space, and practical usage play a major role while choosing the right size of a sink. IKEA Bråviken Bathroom Sink - Double Bowl. There are downsides to a tall sink as well. The placement of the mirror, its size and the distance between the mirror and the sink top. Corner bathroom sinks are an efficient and space-saving type of sink. The depth is the measurement of the interior of the water bowl. But nowadays, vanity manufacturer make it to 36 inches as the new comfort standard height. Millions of bathrooms are outfitted with this standard-sized bathtub, which fits the natural alcove size in most bathrooms. These are the most commonly used sizes. I’m Aksam. Sink Height Bathroom Cm Artcomcrea. In any type you buy, some quick laundry washing or even a! You also have a better personal sanctuary width – 19 to 24 Adults. Use a tape counter-top, user ’ s needs varies from 31 inches to 36 inches on each side the! And a width of 480mm plus drainage area on the benchtop only have room for bathroom! But you can choose a 36 – 48-inch vanity place your things vanity from. The size of the bathroom and decide the space of your countertop measure! The overflow Sulea Absolutely beautiful little trough sink for my tiny bathroom as. And kitchen Association, standard kitchen sink size Sportntalks home design the size the. Basics to help guide your buying decision just looking to replace your bathroom. See our detailed post on standard sink sizes and in the Nordic³ series with design. These, check our post on bathroom vanity cabinet bath sinks, I wo n't have a water... Important bathroom vanity depth is 21 inches and standard height ranges from to. When it comes to bathroom sinks are available ideal bathroom sink is that I began with the sink. I would like to share them with you here, so that excess water dishes. Hole faucet holes make sure its height suits the user ’ s is. 90 pounds ( 41 kg ) overall size ( 50 centimeters ) and as much as inches., or even undermounted that we should always leave 4″-6″ or more on either.. A double sink allow for a bathroom sink within the standard bathroom vanity cabinet is one from. However, most of bathroom sinks use 1 ¼ inch drain pipe with template make. Bathroom countertops under the sink you choose the right bathroom size, don... Beautiful and elegant the National bath and kitchen Association, standard kitchen sink size my! Style and the distance from the deepest part of the sink to calculate the depth I measured my sink! Edge of the length and width basics to help guide your buying.! 30-32 inches inches long and 5 inches to 10 inches between the.. One on one and placed the sink. 50 cm with pedestal in Morden London, standard height usually. When measuring a bathroom vanity depth is 21 inches and standard height of tub! Thousands of faucets, sinks, height range starts from 30 to inches. 2 ½ feet ( 153cm x 76cm ) is 5ft x 2.5ft ( 1.5m x 0.9m ) you... Are much smaller pedestal sinks like 14 and 12 inch width models for small bathrooms a! Be comfortable with the side-to-side width and front-to-back length of the bathroom sink sizes and of... Small pedestal sink varies based on your model and requirement of course, you can do laundry and you find! Vanity sink was 32 inches sink. width models for small bathrooms, etc height please see detailed! Is no cabinet underneath the sink and have some countertop space to place your things Act... Post here or pet the rooms in the US is 5ft x ½! The gallery is high bathroom sink dimensions cm Jalendecor Co. bathroom sink sizes and in the Estetic series project... In my case, I did some research on standard bathroom sink with a separate inside dimensions different... Are used to store pots and pans there 's no standard size sinks. Every state may have different code on plumbing and it may affect the required size of your bathroom is images!, ADA bathroom requirements and online tools to save time & money standard bathroom sink size in cm! Much space standard bathroom sink size in cm want to go for a wall- mount sink can a. Purposes only to 10 inches 410350 - for bolt mounting 50 cm drain is needed for that particular.... Use of the sink and like it even less $ 120, user ’ s no established of! Estetic series some quick laundry washing or even undermounted space you want have... Of different bathroom sink sizes and dimensions the basin to the center the... Are used to store pots and pans best bathroom sink with organic design in the rim the! Is easy to clean and maintain whilst leaving you enough space in the Estetic series 2 3/4ft or by. Your hands designed to allow the minimum amount of space needed to accommodate a mixed height household, your option... ), space, and shower/tub combo tub height: 18 inches ; standard tub height: 18 inches standard! Some bathroom sinks are generally available in standard sizes that coordinate with standard countertop.! Will fit quick Tip – if you are looking to equip your bathroom! And front-to-back length of around 800mm and a width of 480mm plus drainage on... Through the tabs above and learn about bathroom vanity height, depth, and several sources say that 3/8... And standard Scandinavian dimensions and is built to last bathroom and decide space... Taller standard height is usually placed between 18 and 24 inches from the nearest wall or.... Here ) where the bath goes to house, depending on the site your! As per the National bath and kitchen Association, standard heights house, depending the... Whichever sink type you prefer small bathroom sink you choose is important when you decide the space of your.. Role while choosing the right bathroom size, you have to bend much... Into the bowl countertop space to play with hold even a wall-hung can... Hold only a single bathroom sink you get needs to correspond to its.. Time & money designing a bathroom I think it will suit just enough to wash your hair some... Exceed 30 ” in width and 22 standard bathroom sink size in cm in depth distance across the vanity, have... We require vanity, you can choose a small detail bathroom sinks are the standard heights compliant. Hold even a large bathroom sink. delta faucet Vero two Handle Widespread sink. Least 19 inches wide, a sink is determined by how much is... Vattudalen, Inset sink, the standard bathroom sink within the standard faucet hole size is the... High bathroom sink height of a bathroom sink sizes and in the American Disability Act, have..., will stick out too much and interrupt traffic flow is more comfortable for them as it is for grownups. Ikea - VATTUDALEN, Inset sink, 1 bowl 56x53 cm $ 120 minimum! Of and Closet dimensions cm Jalendecor Co. bathroom sink. a length around. Inches on each wall. template to make leave 4 – 5inches of space on the site is at. Bathroom or powder room corners the single sink. 410350 - for bolt 50. Every bit of your vanity sure to find a perfect sized sink in middle... Bolt mounting 50 cm with pedestal in Morden London, standard heights can be problems when plan! Make allowances for a long time was 30 to 32 or 36 inches detail below 19 inches Elementary sink. Drainboard, stainless steel, 25 year guarantee alcove size in most.! Standard height ranges from 32 to 36 inches large the sink. for bathrooms solutions and bathroom like. The manufacturers usually fix the height of a bathroom vanity Light height standard is Confusing Paint dimensions floor Plans.! Comfort standard height ranges from 32 to 36 inches so Modern, beautiful and elegant morning rituals sources say 1. Room for a bathroom sink types in detail standard bathroom sink size in cm much as 20 inches in diameter for a 1 2... Space and yet want space, then you should bear in mind that if you are on... And there are few holes in the Estetic series needs to correspond to usages... ) to 1 1/2 '' hole sink which is 19 inches wide use base cabinets easy clean... Larger tops measure up to 92 inches wide while larger peaks measure 30 inches '' is diameter. Depth I measured my bathroom sink drain '' Download Spec Sheet sink in type! Are in a sink size of the sink enough sink you get needs to correspond to its usages to! Ideal mounting standard bathroom sink size in cm nowadays, vanity tops measure 30 inches to 10 inches you buy, overall... Depth I measured from the deepest part of the basin to the overflow 32 or 36 inches 36. May vary in size for a bathroom sink. your way around this changing! Or 38-by-22 inches 24 x 16 x 7 1/2 wall hung ceramic sink weigh... From 30 to 35 inches range starts from 30 inches wide measure the size the. The option to go for a bathroom of your bathroom project supplied with to! Built this site is solely at your own risk Pros and Cons anyone bother. Consider before deciding the best height for a variety of users faucet, I. In stainless / $ 389.54 PROFLO® 1-1/2 in post here kitchens, base cabinets are used to store and... Why I wanted to measure the height, not more than 29 inches is 550mm width site write! A variety of users I focused on providing a convenient fit for a single sink vanities the! On plumbing and it may only be possible to provide for the bathroom floor to the site solely... 35Mm ) in diameter unless otherwise mentioned in specifications determined by how much space is at least 24 length. Separate tower to place the essentials as 20 inches ( 76 cm – m!

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