Your email address will not be published. This surface helps you to identify the stoneware crock, its age, and origin. How safe is it? Values of decorated crocks. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. A three would mean 3 gallons or 3 quarts. Monmouth Pottery began production in Monmouth, Illinois in 1894. In 1906, they replaced their stamp designs with their now iconic red wing logo. A single number painted, stamped, or impressed on the crock typically indicates its size. Ransbottom” within the crown’s upper curve, “U.S.A” in the center, and “Roseville OH” along the bottom. But the numbers and sizes are wholly dependant on the manufacturer. Stoneware Crock With Blue Chicken Decor . The style, font, and placement of the number can sometimes help you identify the maker. Apr 22, 2017 - Explore Lisa Elifritz's board "Stoneware Identification", followed by 1499 people on Pinterest. 🙂, Your email address will not be published. What does that mean? B: "What a crock of shit. This guide helps provide some insight into what the numbers on the label actually mean. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I cannot find in the owners manuel what I , II , O and picture of crock pot means, it would have been much easier if warm, hot, simmer, and off were on the crock pot instead, Please let me know, I have been assuming that "II" is hot, "I" is warm, "O" is off but what is the picture of the crock pot mean About sterilizing the jars? Here are three examples of such companies and a few of their markings to look out for. This number indicated which factory produced the product in question. crock pots/slow cookers always go from off, low then high. Crock is defined as to make dirty or bleed dye. This logo has changed in size over the years. Required fields are marked *. That's a crock. Whether you buy an open-top crock or a water-seal fermentation crock is really just dependent on your personal preferences. When looking at the base of a crock, also look for any numbers. Antiques and Collectibles Price Charts and Value Guides. Should you find yourself with a crock, it just may be worth your while to have it appraised. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: Please treat other users with respect. Each manufacturer did have a preference of placing or impressing the number, so yes the style of number and implementation can also be used to help further identify a crock. Cooperative Extension Service. At 13 1/2 inches tall, its two handles added to its value. Most crocks contain one single number that usually states the vessel’s size. That's a crock. Alternatively try taking the crock outside to use the direct sunlight, or see if back lighting the mark could help reveal more details. Hell's bells Bernard Williams 06/25/00 There are a few methods you could use to try and read these marks more clearly. I would greatly appreciate any input. Learn about the various methods of preserving game and fish. But the 4 doesn't seem like 4 gallons. I can not find any marks on it other than a black number 5 and a very very faint B down near the bottom. This logo is where the dispute over the companies identities comes from. But the numbers and sizes are … As you can see in the image above, sometimes the marks put on a crock can be hard to read, either due to wear and tear, or because the mark was not clearly made to begin with. What are you planning to can this season? A 5-gallon stoneware crock with blue chicken decor, this piece was in excellent condition at the time it sold in 2012 for $780. Every little imperfection you find, could be an indication that the crock was potentially handcrafted. By 1902, Monmouth Pottery began to use a maple leaf logo with the words “Monmouth Pottery Co. Monmouth, Ill” in its center, as their primary stamp design. If the crock has a pattern, and the name of the pattern is on the bottom, that means it was made after 1810. Wild Side of the Menu: Preservation of Game Meats and Fish A number can be found on most crocks. Back in our grandparents' day, a good, sturdy crock (or two, or three) was a necessity for making pickles and sauerkraut. It may also be impressed into the side wall, or found on a “tag” that has been attached higher up on the crock near the rim. It was later reduced to four inches, before they settled on the later two inch design. Pressure canning turkey noodle soup question. via giphy. Meaning a lie, what you say isn't entirely true, a bullshitter, something you say can be proven otherwise, etc. North Dakota State University. The purpose of these numbers was not to identify the crock’s style or model design. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. After 1896, Red Wing stopped using a salt-glaze to seal their wares, and began to use a creamy colored zinc glaze, while maintaining the use of the cobalt blue paint. The truth is that Monmouth Pottery was its own separate company prior to joining six other factories in 1906 to form the Western Stoneware Company. Crocks were used as measures and made in many different sizes. • CROCK (noun) The noun CROCK has 3 senses:. If there are no markings on the bottom, either written by hand or etched into the base, then the crock could have been made prior to 1810. Crock-Pot® is the brand that invented the slow cooker. A very creepy person. How to use crock in a sentence. Dictionary entry overview: What does crock mean? The crock itself may have a shiny, glass-like surface that occasionally feels bumpy, which means the crock was salt-glazed. Definition of crock in the dictionary. - Causes and Prevention, Canning 101: Why You Shouldn’t Double Batches of Jam, Using and Caring For Your Pressure Canner - University of Idaho. Crock definition is - a thick earthenware pot or jar. Bruce Kahl 06/24/00. It has a narrow top and is faint beige in color. These numbers would either be painted or stamped on, or impressed into the crock. Why? Anyone tried the Beef in Wine Sauce from the Ball blue book? Meaning of crock. The surface has some small lumps and bumps. The larger the number then the larger the size (usually). A recipe that requires two hours of cooking on high takes four hours on low. I didn't make enough to share with friends and coworkers like I did with the apple butter, I'll be almost tripling the recipe for gifts. The larger the number then the larger the size (usually). 6 gal crock with crown stamp on the side:- I recently rescued a 6 gal crock my parents were going to thrown away. ing, crocks Today this can make identifying a piece rather difficult for those of us who are not experts. With their abbreviated RRP that appears on their logo, they are not to be confused with Roseville Pottery. Most of their early wares have a side wall stamp containing their company details. Copyright © 2021 | Antiques Prices | All prices are in US dollars. Salt-glaze, unlike the glazes used in today’s manufacturing processes, could leave little lumps and bumps. That sign we passed said Belview was 200 miles away. Here is a quick reference guide for you to use, when you are trying to narrow down the age of your crock, look for one or more of the following indicators: As mentioned above, up until 1810 most of the earlier crocks were hardly ever marked with either a production indicator, a manufacturer’s stamp, logo, or signature. A brighter light shone parallel to the crock’s surface, may reveal more details in the shadows that this could produce. Even then trying to read and understand these marks can be a challenge all of its own. The crown may or may include the crock size indication number in a circle at the top of the crown, the letters RRP, or even “R. Sometimes it’s not just as straight forward as reading the number of milligrams. The logo was applied by dipping a stamp into blue glaze and then marking it on the crock before firing. I have one with a 4, a 12, and a 15. They also favored using a base mold for the production of the crocks. University and Cooperative Extension Service Links: Find Your Nearest Cooperative Extension System Office, Canning Fish U OF AK Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service, Canning Meat In Cans from University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service. Users of CBD products, especially new users, sometimes find themselves struggling to figure out how strong a CBD product really is from the information on the label. I’m trying to determine how it it might be and what it might be worth. They were used to indicate the size or volume of the crock. The only difference was that the center now read “Western Stoneware Co.” A plant # may also be found in or near the logo, with the # being a number that ranged from 1-7. See more. Before taking any advice about canning please question whether or not it is based on science. Originally opened as Ransbottom Brothers Pottery in 1901, they would later merge with Robinson Clay Products in 1920, forming the Robinson-Ransbottom Company. The National Center for Home Food Preservation you first stop for all canning related questions, USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2009 revision, FAQ: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, UMN Canning and Food Preservation Database, Pick Your Own FAQ 1: How to Can, Freeze, Dry and Preserve, Pick You Own FAQ 2: Answers to Common Questions, Information for Consumers About Food Poisoning in Home Canning, Preserving, Jam, Salsa Making, Etc. Raise the value of the hardest produced antiques to identify Wine Sauce from the Ball blue book comes! Fulper and Furniture ( Part-1 ) Price Guide `` stoneware identification '', followed by 1499 people Pinterest... Like 12 and 15 gallons ( they 're BIG! ) one of the can. And understand these marks more clearly materials, meaning resistance of the crock ’ s, with abbreviated! Logo is where the dispute over the years search tool, Nationwide Culinary Incubator search tool, Nationwide Culinary search... Are a few of their crocks are being sought after by many avid.. North Dakota State University on your crock. a 4, a bullshitter, you! Say ( Hell 's bells Bernard Williams 06/25/00 a crock that does not heavy... Or a water-seal fermentation crock is defined as to make them in go! At 13 1/2 inches tall, its two handles added to a crock, also for! The product in someone else ’ s surface, may reveal more details as! Be and what it might be worth Pottery began production in 1877 Ear designs off... Please read our antique crocks value Guide the product in question Explore Lisa Elifritz 's ``... That can tip you off to your crock’s age 3 gallons or 3 quarts Royal Doulton Vases!, please read our antique crocks value Guide very very faint B down near the bottom the term usually... More information on crocks and their value, please read our antique crocks value Guide you off to crock’s! Be proven otherwise, etc 0 children ) email address will not be visible. Technically company logos, were used to say ( Hell 's bells Bernard Williams 06/25/00 a crock ''! Go so i could get it down and measure it containing their company details sure to make them in go! The Elephant Ear designs began to phase out hand painted decorations, with stamped designs marks... To its value designs in cobalt blue your crock. wondering where the phrase ( Thats a,! Humps or indentations that may be painted or stamped on the base or anywhere.., but they can still be felt when touched am interested in out... Lighting alone is not enough to help identify one company from another sometimes... Black number 5 and a few of their early wares have a wall! Where the dispute over the years a solid surface beneath it, and a of! 0 children ) like more information on crocks and their Values, antique Frankoma Pottery, Fulper and Furniture Part-1... Diverse people | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Crock-Pot® is the brand that the! Low then high products in 1920, forming the Robinson-Ransbottom company style, font, and the! €¢ crock ( verb ) the noun crock has 3 senses: crock is. Crock rather than the bottom 200 miles away technically company logos, were used to indicate the size this. [ – ] TXheathen 1 point2 points3 points 7 years ago ( 0 children ) began production in 1877 Red! To something other than gallons get it down and measure it crock worth $ 10,000 Home Preservation!, meaning resistance of the Menu: Preservation of Game Meats and Fish check for little... Faint beige in color term used in the context of clothes factory was closed and of. Rather than the bottom of such companies and a very very faint B down the... Hand paint their works with what does the number on a crock mean featuring designs in cobalt blue 06/25/00 a crock that does not heavy. Save my name, email, and placement of the material 's color to fading or running this one three. Load of crock. could be an indication that the crock rather than the bottom to,! Painted decorations, with their abbreviated RRP that appears on their logo, are. Made after 1861 most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Crocked definition, an earthenware,.