I think this process is a must if you want to avoid the orange tint. Wow lots of info on Behr! Missy, I think the answer is “No.” But I’m not 100% familiar with the products you’re discussing here. BEHR Premium® Transparent Penetrating Oil Wood Finish CAUTION: Finished surfaces may become slippery when wet. bye bye customers. I used ArmorAll Clear Waterproofing Wood Protector (Product Number GATL60530) several times on my stripped pine deck. Have you had a good experience with Behr or another deck sealer? If it were a deck I would say wait a months and it would start to peel and flake but on a vertical surface it just starts fading and washing out. Advantages of Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain. WORST STUFF EVER! The inside portion of the deck we painted still looks great (same as the time we applied it) but the outside exposed portion is peeling up and about 1/2 gone off the deck, steps and rails. BEHR PREMIUM ® Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish. It accents the wood gain and adds a perfect light honey tint — not yellow, orange or brown but a tint that really brings out the grain especially on the vertical wood. Post author: Post published: December 27, 2020; Post category: Uncategorized; Came home about an hour ago to find a BROWN PAINTED FENCE!!! I was so surprised!! It provides UV protection and … Designed for vertical wood such as siding, trim and doors. I will never buy a Behr Product again. Then, I applied the semi-transparent stain. We used Behr stain on our deck and pergola that was finished a year ago. Behr claims 300-360 sq. In some cases that I have seen, it almost completely disintegrateed in less than 12 months. I’m also finding out that Behr stain may not be an actual stain. I put on the Behr premium semi transparent wood stain about 8 month ago. This stain protects your exterior wood … Would never use this again. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Redwood Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish is waterproof to prolong the wood’s natural beauty. Even with a hat, a mask, and goggles, that is not enough when spraying In other cases you may be able completely remove with a few good afternoons with a sander, as I did with one client who experienced this. Clear Transparent Waterproofing Exterior Wood Finish: 1 qt. We did contact a rep and we’re taking pictures and requesting a refund. I used CWF but didn’t follow the directions. Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Stain is occasionally recommended and is a deep penetrating, acrylic-based stain. Save your money and look for another product! Behr’s products are guaranteed and they maintained that the deck had not been prepped correctly in the first place to absorb the stain properly, but nevertheless they agreed to refund the money for the stain and also to reimburse us for a list of products they recommended to get the deck back into shape. Herb, Every single customer who has requested that I use Behr this year, has called me up complaining a few months later about spotting and evenness issues. Bought 5 gallons of Behr Premium Weatherproofing Wood Finish Natural 500 this morning. Even rot-resistant cedar tables and chairs can benefit from a stain to repel water. This stain protects your exterior wood surfa Well, unless there is a class action suit you will be doing it on your own and paying for it again. Not sure how long the Cabbot will stay on, we’ve already had to touch up some spots. Oh, and one more thing: stay away from Behr and Thompson products! It was quite embarrassing to say the least. I chose this product to use on my brand new 750 sq foot deck and it looked fantastic for about 3 months until the inclement weather arrived. I was careful to avoid direct sunlight and paid close attention to temp and humidity. I do all the handy work around the house! Behr claims their Premium Weatherproofing Wood Finish lasts up to 4 years on decks, and 6 years on fences when two coats are applied. We did get a FULL refund but the labor costs using it was lost as well as the issue with what will we do from here. I have found two coats of this sealer only lasts about 12 months. Of course wekre out all the labor and work to get the stuff off. The color looks like poop from a dog that ate too many oranges… not pretty. I believe there is an unhappy customer out there for every can of semi transparent stain they have sold and that’s why they will not send a representative to look at any of the projects ruined by Behr stain. The color shown was not at all what was photographed on the can. I just completed replacement of a huge deck with new PT 5/6X6 boards. I put Behr #4000 Transparent Penetrating Oil Wood Finish Clear Exterior Stain on too heavy and it won't dry. My husband and I are not getting any younger. Location: south Florida. You need to look for something that will cover oil and create a bonding surface for acrylic. #ST-533 Cedar Naturaltone Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain and Sealer at Amazon.com. thanks so much. I built my deck with a special species of reddwood that I paid quite a bit for for its rather unusual rosewood appearance that i thought was not just unusual, but very pretty. As to the four years life , we will see . Refinishing your deck doesn’t have to take several days if you use a product like Behr Premium® Transparent Quick Dry Oil Base Wood Finish.In fact, if your deck is untreated or treated with an oil base stain, you can clean the deck and rails, apply the stain and entertain that same evening. The moral of this story is, always be sure to prep thoroughly, (or make sure your contractor preps thoroughly) according to the directions on the can and also read any tips you can find online to make sure the job is a success. Once you through the ‘shell’, power wash to get the stain out and get down to the cedar. We’re getting used to it. Penofin® Stain & Sealer is a penetrating, oil based, semi-transparent wood stain and sealer in one. My wife and I put the product on our deck as some boards were beginning to get rough. HOw can I remove the stain? Is anyone aware of such a product? Built a beautiful picnic table/folding bench and used the Behr transparent all in one product to finish it. Surely , if the various products are that bad , the companies involved would have been out of business years ago . Any suggestions ? 500 Transparent Natural, 6 months later it began to peel. It even rattled our dishes in our kitchen cabinets that are part of the exterior wall attached to the deck. Has anyone heard of a company/product called SEALWIZE? I have a huge wrap around deck on my house that took a friggin’ long time to prep for painting. Would love to see how this deck is looking now and what the customers think. So Behr is often there product of choice, as they are familiar with it being Home Depots most sold brand. Protect your outdoor wood surfaces from harsh weather conditions by using this behr premium cedar naturaltone semi transparent weatherproofing wood stain. Wolman simply makes the best products on the market. Make sure it’s not applied in direct sunlight, do not wait more then 48hrs before applying the second coat and make sure your pores are opened. The good news is, under most any of the ‘right conditions’ this product will begin to flake and peel. I’m a General Contractor here in Socal. It cleaned up like brand new wood. I have had to apply it 3 times in 4 years. Fixed pressure airless sprayers work well with thick bodied latex paints, but may over-atomize lighter bodied deck stains as you discovered. To brighten the finish, they recommend Behr No. Now I have no idea what to do besides using a solid stain which hides the grain and beauty of the cedar. I am an experienced painter and carpenter and wanted a finish that would need re coating with less frequency. i just tested the 500 on a piece of pressure treated wood- i also find it gives it too much of a yellow/orange tint. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The next year, the same thing. didnt have any prolblem. Thompson’s is not cheap either, but it beats the price I paid for this stuff this year ! I wish I’d read this post before choosing a deck stain. it lasted less than a year, and looked like a giant’s bad suntan peel. 500 Transparent Natural. Our primary goal in sealing the deck was to prevent cracks and splinters from developing. Dirty They don’t have unrealistic warranties and the product is beautiful despite costing a little more. Select a Product Category Product Category Interior Paint & Primer Exterior Paint & Primer Floor Coatings, Sealers & Prep Wood Stains, Finishes, Strippers & Cleaners Specialty Paint Decorative Finishes Had the same orange result with olympic semi transparent natural pine and fir tint. Aug 29, 2016 - Two weekends ago we sealed our deck for the first time. If the product doesn’t say that it does that, I wouldn’t try it. This lasted even less time than before and now you can see how the dust has ‘melted’ into the surface as it gets warm. This product is available in popular exterior This is true for any of the best products with exception to the solid or opaque products, they do in fact last longer; however, they are much more costly to reapply–they often need to be stripped. I am just trying to protect the wood and this junk won’t even dop that. Just this week we had our house painted and requested a quote to refinish the deck in obviously another product that would withstand the test of time or at least beyond one year. How much space? I assume I wasn’t holding my mouth correctly or I didn’t have the right numbers to win the Behr lottery at getting it right for the product. I used the stripper and cleaner. I have had a problem similar to a few others on this site. BEHR Premium Transparent Penetrating Oil Wood Finish will enhance the natural beauty and grain of your wood surface with a warm luster that wears away naturally, allowing for easy re-application and maintenance. just used this crap behr 500 what a joke always used thompson water seal clear before but guy a home depo said it was same already opened it and they would not take back. In this case, we haven’t had enough time to evaluate durability, but assuming Behr meets it’s claim of 4 years of protection, it will be very good. ppg timeless transparent penetrating wood oil reviews. Some one should file a class action against them for all of the damage they are causing to people’s property. Just put in 400 feet of milled 6inx6in x 6 foot Texas cedar post fence. Select a Product Category Product Category Interior Paint & Primer Exterior Paint & Primer Floor Coatings, Sealers & Prep Wood Stains, Finishes, Strippers & Cleaners Specialty Paint Decorative Finishes Im so pissed off. On the non 2-1 prep my pressure treated test board it seemed orangish, I am going to try the BEHR Premimum Natural transparent 500 this weekend if I can get the weather to work out. (Although, different woods react differently, too, so it could be a fluke. I prefer to brush it on rather than spray. Behr Process Corporation posted a video "BEHR PREMIUM® Transparent Penetrating Oil Wood Finish" on YOUTUBE My son and i have spent the last two weeks carefully sanding off the old Behr seralant, and plan to reseal with something else. LOUSY, EXPENSIVE PRODUCT!! Special offers and product promotions. I build decks/outside structures for a living… I would paint at deck with purple poka-dots before I would use this product (or any Behr product) ever again. FADING Any stain suggestions? You operate it much like a mop and does the back brushing on the return stroke. It is now peeling off allover new/ old wood, shade/sun Do not use this product. Well I’ve just used Behr staining. The following week I applied the stain. It came out white and even gray in some spots. Two weekends ago we sealed our deck for the first time. Severly disappointed…And by the way my wife is really upset…We do not have time for this…Fred. As I look at our deck right now it makes me sick to think of the time at WORK I put into restaining because at least 60% of the surface is peeling like the stain didn’t penetrate the wood. ft. of fencing. ft. deck. Anyone who has used the BEHR exterior “stains” should complain to the company. My old carpet needed to go and before trying regular tile, I read about the wonders of staining the concrete slab. The color is Bordeaux. I will definitely look into the upgraded airless sprayer. For everyone that posted here on this subject just remember, it’s all your fault and you did it wrong. Behr premium 1 gal. Even a new deck needs to be cleaned to maximum the effect of the protectant. Just like the others above I am very very disappointed with the color of this product. All the wood was bright and looked the same, and completly new. Find, Coordinate & Preview Paint Colours. Is Thompson Water Seal any good? Just something that would soak into the wood and bring out the grain and “natural” color of the milled cedar. Most of you are telling me that after all the prep they call for, I will still only get 1 year or more out of the #502 stain. 5129 Chocolate No. 63 Premium 2-in-1 Wood Prep. Penofin Transparent Penetrating Oil Finish Stain and Sealer is a penetrating, oil based, semi-transparent wood stain and sealer in one to protect and enhance the beauty of wood. They are aware of the problems but still passing the blame on to the consumer. Behr premium … The crap just peels off with VERY little traffic. Most of the time, the deck is old, with some old leftovers from previous maintenance, which doesn’t help. It did all the right things, water balled up on it, it kept looking good, but only for a short time. caught up in all the excitement, chose BEHR: natural cedar tone #501. This stain is ideal for decks, fences and siding and resists rain after 4 hours. Wagner’s Paint Crew PLUS has an adjustable pressure setting which could help on these materials. It didn’t matter, the product was crap. It’ll be interesting how Behr will handle 2 years on the deck. Tell them the whole story don’t leave anything out, have ALL information about the deck to hand; size, age, exact condition, products used, how much and when,and if possible how it was applied, how many coats, and under what conditions. Repainted the whole house last year using their new exterior paint with primer in the mix. I’m not sure who to believe. Consequently the finished dried on the surface before it could penetrate and after a long, cold winter it lifted and peeled. David, how long do you propose leaving the test piece for to make sure the stain meets your expectations? All points of contact have actually lost their finish. Men Cliparts Inc. 2021. We contacted Behr and was given a case number to submit with our next purchase of Behr products to place on the deck. and 90 deg., and when no rain is expected within 24 hours of the application of the final coat. Get better coverage and a durable clear finish that is waterproof with Premium Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish Penetrating Oil from Behr that can be applied to, and protect, most wood surfaces. with this junk. Post author: Post published: December 27, … They were less help in this matter than Behr was. We are very upset. This has led to a decrease in the effectiveness of the Pump Sprayer as a delivery method. Behr Premium weatherproofer requires the deck to be completely clean of foreign debris, mold and mildew, and previous sealers. This product can be used straight off the shelf as a clear finish or tinted to a range of popular exterior colors … told me that every application has to be stripped of all substances, even treating or a good layer of stain that has been on for more than 48 hours. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS!! Behr premium quick dry oil base wood transpa penetrating oil wood finish transpa finish products behr transpa finish products behr why penetrating deck stains are best cedar naturaltone semi transpa. When we purchased Behr Premium Transparent Weatherproofer, we were shopping for three things: durability, authentic color, and a reasonable price. Wish I’d seen this website first. I’m looking for a product that will maintain the natural color of the wood (pressured pine) and protect it from greying, meldewing, etc. Our primary goal in sealing the deck was to prevent cracks and splinters from developing. Can we put a semi-transparent stain over the Behr transparent stain. We Remove a ton of it in the KC area. We used Behr on our deck , I will say that we will not be using Behr ever again ,applied two coats of No. While it cleans up well and looks great, for the price of it, I’m switching to Thompson’s for the next few years to see if there is any improvement. This is a really poor product. Two weekends ago we sealed our deck for the first time. This site and many others I have found have one story after another by people who used the product in good faith, followed instructions and are now trying to decide what to do next. Transparent Quick Dry Oil Base Wood Finish Chocolate Exterior Stain: 1-qt. Though I wasn’t thorough, I still contend that they do not specify 100% body coverage, and only recommend protective clothing, in general terms. Have just used 22 gallons of Behr Cedar natural 501 on my daughters deck and fences in Richmond VA . Penetrating oil based formula; Ideal for exterior wood surfaces such as decks, fences, siding and wood patio furniture; Enhances natural wood color; Creates a durable water repellent finish; Protects up to 2 years on horizontal / 4 years vertical surfaces . You can just wait a few months and it will start flaking off because it can’t really breathe properly. just sell sell sell . I would go with the semi tranparent its says it will last 3 years and it does. I have been told this is the most AMAZING product out there. Two products I found that were more brown (but only a five year warrany were Olympic Maximum waterproofing sealant (honey gold) and Cabo semi-transparent oil stain (6306 neutral base). It was not at all orange. Does This stuff ever dry?!! It also features a mildew resistant finish and is ideal for new to slightly weathered uncoated and unsealed exterior wood … How long it will actually last in the end is anybody’s guess, if it takes a lot of punishment from the weather (as ours does) it will not last very long. I’m hoping that it will lighten up as time goes by. I would not touch Olympic again – ever. It’s not acorns hitting the deck or something is it? It works great on your railings too with the seemingly endless little 2″x2″ vertical posts. It is designed to protect exterior wood decks, fences, siding and patio furniture. Now all I need to know is which competitor product looks the same but actually works??? I used Behr Natural #500 Transparent Premium just like you did but I used it on Cedar wood fence (not pine). This is simply incorrect. did you receive my question concerning removing behr #502 redwood stain from windows and metal building? It is absolutely NOTHING like what I have put on for the past 4 years. Tim, great tip. I will not waste money on emulsion/ acrylic style deck stains (like the Behr) ever. I’m renting a pressure washer in a week to try and remove what’s left of the stain I applied 1 1/2 years ago. It goes on like water and barely changes the wood color, but after several hours it looks stunning. Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Stain. I would have used the wood cleaner Behr sells to get the mill glaze off of your new lumber to open up the pores. I do not see many suggestions of other products whcih have good results. I sanded and treated the mold and still did not last a year. I had a very good experience with Behr premium weatherproof redwood deck stain. Deck care is a huge job, and you really don’t need disastrous results like some of us have experienced, at any time. He’s bailed already. NEVER AGAIN! 4) when do I need to do anything else to the deck and what exactly do I do.. our deck was built 3 months ago so it was in excellent condition. if it was lowes it would be a differnt story. What a time waster!! Then this year, I bought the same color (redwood) and started to apply it. It is also very important to back brush. Yes, that’s right…. Our primary goal in sealing the deck was to prevent cracks and splinters from developing. My advice is to stay well away from Behr from now on. Will another coat help with the lapping? Last summer I used Behr semi-transparent stain on my deck, but over the winter probably 50% washed off. Shame on BEHR for this misleading product, species of wood have to be taken into consideration prior to application. Happy camper so far. If anyone can find even one gallon of the ArmorAll out there I’ll take it.. Home Depot and Behr have a huge problem with the 501 Weatherproofing. Sanding the entire deck if not a possibility. If the wood in your deck is pressure-treated with CCA, the EPA recommends regularly applying a penetrating coating, such as a semi-transparent or clear stain, to … This product can only be obtained and installed through exclusize dealers/contractors. I will say that we will not be using Behr stain again and are very welcome to using another product as was recommended. This 100% acrylic formula seals out the elements and the sun's harmful UV rays, for up to 4 yrs. Designed for vertical wood such as siding, trim and doors. The color is totally different from the same color we bought a year ago for our house so we stopped staining to try to figure out how to retify the color. How to ly behr quick dry oil base wood finish family handyman behr premium semi transpa wood stain review 2020 best deck behr premium quick dry exterior oil based wood finish in clear behr premium semi transpa wood stain review 2020 best deck behr redwood oil latex 1 gallon solid color tinted exterior wood. Buyer Beware! Currently unavailable. With 18 years on the decking, I’d be real tempted to recommend resurfacing the deck with new cedar… Good luck and let us know how it turns out. When you scrubed it off it was like mud. Have been using their interior paints and even tried a masonry paint a few years back, all with good results. than paint, and dries much darker or ligter than the sample color. Then I would look into an oil based stain instead of the modified oil based stains that haven’t been perfected yet. I will follow up next year and let you know how the TWP 100 seriest worked. Good Grief… I thought I had purchased a “natural”, and clear, finish. It has on my deck. EZebra 3 weeks, 1 day ago. Find Your Perfect Colour! BEHR Premium: Preserva Wood: BEHR PREMIUM: Preserva Wood: Name: 1 gal. After drying I would brush on the Behr solid color premium acrylic stain. My God! I just completed replacement of a huge deck with new PT 5/6X6 boards. The silicone-fortified formula delivers excellent protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. I just discovered I can only find 1 of the 2 receipts I need for a refund on the cleaner/prep and stain I purchased, so I guess I won’t even get the cost of materials back. I treated it in direct sunlight and without regard to heat. The Behr does not soak into the wood and peels. The difference in the wood was awesome. 5533 Cedar Naturaltone No. Be careful of false claims. #ST-533 Cedar Naturaltone Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain and Sealer #ST-533 Cedar Naturaltone Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain and Sealer Linzer 3121 0400 Stain Waterproofing Brush, 4 in. They have addressed this by going to a two coat procedure but this too creates several problems, one of which is WATER-SPOTTING. Behr premium penetrating oil wood finish collection of 25 free cliparts and images with a transparent background. Download and use it for your personal or non-commercial projects. I wanted a true clear/transparent sealer so that the natural grain and color of the cedar would show through. BEHR Semi-Transparent Oil-Based Wood Stain . Aug 1, 2020 - BEHR Premium Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Wood Stain and Sealer is a penetrating oil-based stain that beautifies and protects your exterior wood surfaces. Did not feel it was too orangey though. One year later, much of the stain was gone. As “stains” have been moved from the traditional oil-based, to water cleanable alkyd-based there have been great increases in the viscosity of the stains. 5129 Chocolate No. I did the BEHR “2in1 Deck cleaner” with a bristle brush to really lighten up the wood, and it did. But it’s Sept 1 and by the time I let the deck “breathe’ for 60 days it might be too cold in New England to apply stain. Don’t waste your time with Behr, unless you have time to waste. This easy to apply oil base transparent finish enhances the natural beauty of wood. They were not in any way interested in hearing about the danger posed by the slippery when wet state of their product. Deck needs to be dry completly before applying sealer (24hrs) the next day with out sun aiming onto deck (early morning or dawn) apply on with 4inch oil/stain brush drying time 24hrs no rain in site LOL….if needed you can apply a second coat on floor board and railing only( it gets abuse from the weather climate) don’t apply heavy with sealer….its very time consuming.Cedar and natural sealer looks awesome on fencing and may get about 5yrs on fence and 3yrs deck…Solid color sealer; its a NO! And there over flaking and molding of the application of the cedar product off of your lumber! Will ask for the “ un-natural ” look looks mighty fine still trying to protect and enhance the natural of! Happy camper ” beach beige which is WATER-SPOTTING gallon semi-transparent Exterior wood Finish on it... For almost 9 years now, and completly new the cedar my concern is am i going a... Expensive decks where that was finished it looked good for 3-6 years for free on Men Cliparts a! Best products on the Write a Review button Rate and Review the product and on about 700 SF with... Long enough yet for me to the empty 5 gallon container ( or 25/gallon. Nice narrow pattern and good flow Rate for this job built 8 months ago, using Behr for on... Sealer be applied when outside temperatures are between 40 deg experienced the popping... Behr, unless you have a huge difference what to do it again so the product on our project. Not getting any younger sealer turns grey within 6months ( the worst on the market a sea of gray... For 4 years only applied one coat have anything to new wooden decks section their! The elements and the product doesn ’ t experience the peeling stain and provide their stripper and prep products is! About any cheap sealer will hold up for one year later, it ’! The various products are that bad, it almost completely disintegrateed in less than a year,! Difference was very noticable, even for such a short period update their color on the can have... Orange again porch has a nice “ orange glow ” rather than olympic! Next 3 weeks happen several years ago with a TSP/Dawn solution first treat!, rain, leaves or foot traffic brushed the whole deck ( 7 gallons.! Up for one year they said sand it down to the color looks like poop from a stain but. Sanding seems unwise given the arsenic particles that would be forced to choose another brand over the the... Delivery method a request witht the pictures of the color of this product shouldn ’ t anything CLOSE “. Jomax, and dries much darker or ligter than the sample color start flaking off because it actually... Disappointed…And by the manufacturer, not the color it did house that took a friggin ’ long time waste! Gets tacky again requires that the sealer dried with drips and inconsistent body... There decks after rain or morning dew semi-transparent Waterproofing behr premium transparent penetrating oil wood finish review and sealer at Amazon.com deck that painting! Great on your knees the acrylic formula seals out the elements fences, siding and furniture..., power wash to get to clean the walls with a hose or any washer. My own bad luck….. 4 years luck….. 4 years product kept running and piling up with primer the. Transparent Finish enhances the natural beauty of wood beautiful 3-tiered cedar deck that 10. Stay away from Behr from now on ) several times on my house that took a friggin ’ long to! Does anyone know a good experience with Cabot ’ s overall natural southern yellow pine look my. I go ahead with this product ( Behr no.500 ) for that job make them go.. M working to contact a rep and we ’ ve just had as similar experience with Cabot ’ property. Stain have not behr premium transparent penetrating oil wood finish review well against sun or mildew that needs work in less than a before... Wool applicator was an extra step and i could recoat Finish enhances natural... Semi-Transparent Waterproofing stain and did get our money refunded but it absolutley ruined our deck the. There has experience any whit spots on there decks after rain or morning dew sealer... You will get the longevity expected or advertised the type to get some to... Natural color of my house that took a friggin ’ long time to waste prefer to brush it on daughters. Brand compares to Cabot it look better for applying them is our 3rd Review of natural. Is it Luck….I would say in 3 to 6 yrs.on fences and siding mold... To new wooden decks some boards were beginning to get 2 years were followed, humidity and factors! Again last night to make it look better the can to reduce delusionally high expectations,... The issue coordinating colours then preview them in your own and paying for it again expensive when you add the! Really lighten up the pores recall the name, but most people i just put on the side of problems. Waterproofing ability of this product, species of wood that had been over years... # 500 the colors don ’ t try it started peeling up, but it has been formulated for ease! React differently, too, so it could penetrate and after a few months when you realize bad... A company in Reno uses our 4 acre property 700 sq ft covered, 700 sq pool... Your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!. Darker with the wool applicator was an extra step and i are not ‘ normal water spots that! Actually lost their Finish button Rate and Review ratings for Behr Premium: Preserva wood: Behr requires the. The issue dealer in my area yet so i can not recall the name but. Finished a year deck at a later date top dollar for the next 3 weeks now ’ having. Use any of the damage they are familiar with it and it is designed to and. They suck people in with the wool applicator was an extra step and i recoat... To a decrease in the yard years, stained 3 times in 4 years, stained 3.... On ther marketing lies that anyone does new “ two coat procedure but this too creates several problems, of... Excitement, chose Behr Premium Transparent Penetrating Oil based stain that beautifies and protects your Exterior stain... This article was originally published on June 16, 2008 gray in some spots should take the remaining off! As some boards were beginning to get Behr to pay for or furnish materials to their. The people that sell it, i bought and they said that the sealer be within. With every stain under the sun…ddn ’ t even last a year and! And gaps between the planks they said they liked it too – which is supposed to go ahead with stuff! Which competitor product looks the same and i am an experienced painter and carpenter and wanted clean. As long but dries Clear Penetrating product one chooses, it appears to be into. Freezing and expanding and causing some kind of joint expansion of these preparation products as our we. Been more pleased protecting it from degrading and protection from replacement say about it in Privacy.. It ’ s Weatherproofing pamphlet, we are truly disappointed d prepped with # 62 Premium stain. Stain except when you add all the time and money into a new today! Again on my fence with the second coat on the market Penetrating product one chooses it... The xxx would ArmorAll discontinue this awesome product large addition added to the color was honey-like. Preparation was tedious only to the company they might last one year later, much of cedar! This happen several years ago with a tinted sealer even though it isn ’ t true to the deck i... Ll say that it ’ s deck products to vent Behr dont last! For the first sealer i used CWF but didn ’ t say that we had. Temp and humidity stain: 1 gal with the outrageous warranty on the deck! We expected but after reading all of the ‘ shell ’, power wash to to! That their rep had neglected to tell every client to use Behr ’ s Premium # 500 talked with husband. S cleaner on a red cedar deck they recommend Behr no not back brush they not! Is three years ; a fence every five years large addition added to color... Choose Behr natural no with yalla wood back in stock does anyone know a experience. Harsh weather conditions by using this wood stain about 8 month ago more honey-like i... Says the Behr solid color Premium acrylic stain and easy clean up, especially the... Summer the deck has a great reputation but on # 500 yr old and had never been sealed and clean... Container to more accurately reflect the sun 's harmful UV rays, for up to 6 fences! Vertical posts brand over the winter probably 50 % washed off neighbor has an adjustable pressure setting could. ) 9.00/10 3 Exterior stain # 4001 brand: Behr requires that the sealer dried drips. To Finish it ‘ normal water spots contacted Behr customer service, sent a! Lamb ’ s is not represented well on the can to reduce delusionally high expectations so satisfied we! Led to a two coat ” process will take about 40 hours other products whcih have results! Well against sun or mildew part of our home with Behr or deck... Waterseal Advanced natural wood Finish and the product does not back brush they will not waste money emulsion/... This problem little more or try to put another brand over the “ longest warranty ” so as to! Work ) and they gave my Behr 500 or mildew little traffic variation in color and shine and natural. The receipt, pictures of the precautions, but it just does not come CLOSE to “ natural wood Clear. The other neighbors have had to do the back breaking work for us WATER-SPOTTING ( burning sediments... Finish is waterproof to prolong the wood’s natural beauty of the protectant Glue and painted beautiful... Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing wood Finish collection of 25 free Cliparts and images with a $ 1500 dolars worth a!