Minor surface scratches from use. It was an original belted magnum design with no parent case, inspired by the .416 Rigby and headspacing of the belted .375 H&H Magnum. They are both supper accurate. 30-378 weatherby. And, with a 270 grain bullet the .378 Weatherby generates as … The .378 Weatherby Magnum was designed by Roy Weatherby in 1953. Re: Anyone shoot a 30 378 Weatherby Magnum? $1,450 - Weatherby Mark V Deluxe .378 Mag, blued, nicely figured walnut stock, serial number H215xxx indicates 1991 build date. I used it for hunting and unless just taking long range shots the break requires ear protection. you get around 200 FPS more out of the 30-378 than a 300 RUM. But, one may point out that with a smaller 400 grain DBX bullet the .416 Rigby generates 5179 foot pounds of muzzle energy. This rifle will easily deliver over 1200 foot lbs. Weatherby Mark V Accumark Bolt Action Rifle -The name says it all. of energy and a bullet velocity well over 1800 feet per second at 1000 yards, with minimal recoil. This compares to 20 ft.lbs from a rifle chambered for .30-06 Springfield, but is only 10% more than the recoil of the .375 H&H Magnum while having 22% more energy. Yes, the .378 Weatherby will generate considerable free recoil, an average of 77 ft. lbs. A composite Mark V rifle that's loaded with accuracy-enhancing features. I sold it before the triple x loads were available. Weatherby’s cases are also fairly readily available and are pretty close to the same price: $3.50/case for 338 Lapua vs $3.50/case for Weatherby 338-378 depending where you pick them up from. The 215 magnum rifle primer was developed by Federal specifically for this round. I know the 30-378 was developed for the US Army in the 50s. Perhaps at worst you'll lose a little bc. I've been asked by a close friend to help him find a load for his new rifle and these are the components he has given me to work with. Its massive case holds so much powder that Federal designed its super-hot 215 primer to handle the load. But, that is still 520 less foot pound than the .378 Weatherby using a 300 grain bullet. Any help would be great. Scope, base … More available than the .30-378 anyway. The factory ballistics for the .378 Weatherby are impressive, to … I used to own a 30-378 in MarkV. The .378 is based on a huge case with a capacity in excess of 100 grains of powder that has Weatherby's signature double radius shoulder and a standard magnum belt. I put on a longer/heavier barrel and removed the break. While experimenting with armor plating made of various materials during the 1960s, the U.S. government needed to determine its resistance to damage by high-speed projectiles. It has plenty of world records at 1,000 yards. I would thank the .30-378 Weatherby or 300 Rum. Used 180 barnesX. Weatherby's .30-378 is the .378 Weatherby Magnum necked down to .30 caliber and can drive a 180-grain bullet in excess of 3,400 fps. The speed you'll see from a 378 case at 30 inches may be enough to compensate for the lack of twist. Scratches in blue underneath barrel at very end. Thread starter Bowkill02; Start date Aug 27, 2019; Bowkill02. Both of these cases are high quality, and the cost of firing these big rifles means that any cost savings on … Roy Weatherby’s 378 delivers 34 percent more energy at the muzzle than the powerful 375 H&H Magnum. Overall nice condition. If they don't work, i can tell you the 230s will work fine in a 10 twist barrel. Despite its unusual nomenclature, the .378 uses standard .375" bullets. I say try them in the 10 twist. from a 9 lb rifle. Price: $3900 Description: Simply put, the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum is the “Mac Daddy” caliber. Aug 27, 2019 #1 I'm looking for some good safe starting loads loads shooting a 180 nosler balltip and H-1000. Designed to replace the 375 Weatherby Magnum, deep penetration and bone smashing power are the calling cards of the 378. The 300 Rum brass is easy to find. I shot deer and elk out to 500 Yds with it.