Generally mid-December through mid to late January are times of celebration and many offices stay closed for much of the time. Gender roles in Ukraine are somewhat different from those in Europe and the USA as being more conventional. A private discussion is always better than a public one. Kamianets-Podilsky: a mid-sized city in the centre of Ukraine is home to a fully intact medieval fortress and castle. While democratic, economic, and social reforms are progressing in Ukraine, old Soviet elite has tried to propagate itself through nepotism and preserving the “elite”. While they do have their own cultural norms and rules, they also understand that Westerners also have theirs, which often differ (like smiling when you meet someone, and oversharing) and are becoming more accepting of these norms and adapting in professional settings when dealing with westerners. Expectations will be higher, meaning Ukrainians will expect fair treatment and would usually compare their own professional situation/conditions of employment with ones in similar organizations/projects. 6. It is not hard to understand: back in the Soviet days, it was practically impossible to even buy elegant shoes in a store, and clothes were made by using featureless templates and were usually gray or black. Ukrainians like to discuss politics, but you should let them initiate the discussion. When we speak we only communicate about 7% of our message. When hearing this question, a Ukrainian may decide that you really care and the level of response you get will depend on how well you know each other and how much time you have available. The dress code for women tends to place a heavy emphasis on looking feminine. Often meetings are a social event in addition to a professional one, and are viewed as an opportunity to “get to know” the people you are working with. It is common to repeat your name while shaking hands. Most highly regarded qualities include educated, well spoken, confident and direct, generally male, and over 40 (however age and gender are changing and have been since 2004). It is best to try to clarify things as soon as possible and privately. The greater the familiarity, the higher the level of direct communication. In a professional setting, men shake hands, and, when dealing with westerners, will shake hands with women as well, though, this is not generally the norm among Ukrainians, and is generally initiated by men. So, there was a sewing machine in almost every home and almost every woman could sew. Men tend to be more direct in their communication than women and expect that of other men. Ukrainians take great pride in their county and city, and generally welcome remarks about the beauty of the city and the country. On the other hand, if they ask you “Yak vashi spravy?” (How are things? If your next couple of weeks are busy and you suggest meeting in two weeks’ time, a Ukrainian may misunderstand you and decide that you do not feel like meeting at all. Ethnicity: While the majority of the Ukrainian population is Caucasian and a majority of Ukrainian and Russian ethnicity, visible minorities are more and more common in Ukraine. Extensive evaluations on ones work and things like work plans and yearly reviews are still rather uncommon. This year I have graduated from a higher educational institution in Kyiv and obtained a diploma. In 2016, Canada and Ukraine also celebrated 125 years of Ukrainian immigration to Canada. In real life, however, nepotism governs class. In the office, Ukrainians are friendly and cordial often celebrating personal milestones such as marriage anniversary, child’s birthday etc. A personal relationship or friendship is a good reason to expect and ask for a favour. Canada was the first country to recognize Ukraine as Independent from the USSR and one of the first to call the Soviet Holodomor a Genocide against the Ukrainian People. Ukrainians in generally are highly educated with most people in the professional workforce having obtained a university degree. Ukrainian Orthodox - Kyiv Patriarchate 19%, Orthodox (no particular jurisdiction) 16%, Ukrainian Orthodox - Moscow Patriarchate 9%, Ukrainian Greek Catholic 6%, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox 1.7%, Protestant, Jewish, none 38%. To effectively run a large business in Ukraine, you will have to adapt to the existing communication style to some degree, even if you feel like you are "compromising your principles." It’s most famous buildings as well as the whole downtown core has been renovated and modernized. Status is often shown through clothing and accessories and people strive to be seen as person of certain status even if in reality they are not. There is also a perception that Ukrainians are generally unhappy and gloomy and never smile. So, you are lucky if you have Ukrainian acquaintances. Having said this, office meetings rarely start or end on time as they are often not only professional events but also a chance to catch up with colleagues/friends. The Olympic and World champions in boxing and kickboxing Volodymyr Klychko and Vitaliy Klychko are two other sport heroes of Ukraine. Such shared meals allow future partners to better learn each other and discuss issues that were not covered during the negotiation. Ukrainian society has its specific features and standards of conduct that you may find unusual. However, whether you approach them directly, or through a supervisor or with the individual in question, it very much depends on your own relationship with the individual and your comfort level with them, much like it would in the “west”. Films to see: Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom;  Natalka Poltavka;  Chasing Two Hares; A Zaporozhian Cossack beyond the Danube; Heart of a Dog (based on Bulgokov’s novel); Ukrainians eat exceptionally well, adhering to a diet of locally grown produce and farm fresh eggs and meat when they can get it. Sometimes you can see the following situation: one individual is speaking Ukrainian, the other, Russian, and they may not even notice it. Of course, if you come to Ukraine on business, you can negotiate in English, unless you find it a problem. The middle class is still not very significant in numbers. Shake hands with everyone upon arriving and leaving. It combinesbeauty, antiquity, and the rapid rhythm of life typical of other big cities! Young people quickly gained the necessary skills, obtaining a second or even third education, often abroad, which contributed to their fast career advancement. While more intimate displays of affection such as kissing, or, depending on the age group, walking with arms wrapped around one another are not often seen, hand-holding is not uncommon, in all age groups, but most evident in younger generations. Ideas are usually generated by the leader and his/her immediate subordinates, and presented by the leader. However, positive relationships and an interest in subject matter also play a role in an individual’s desire to succeed in their position. A small Canadian souvenir or gift like a poster, calendar or a pen with a Canadian maple leaf on it would be a good start/icebreaker especially when attempting to build a long-term professional partnership. There are some Muslims (i.e. The city’s architecture has remained the same since construction and offers a stunning view of how medieval and empirical cities of the past were constructed. Thus Ukrainian functions as the language for all written communication while Russian is used for communication among students and teachers in formal and informal contexts. Ukraine celebrated many of the same holidays as the West, however, they are celebrated following the “old calendar” meaning that holidays like Christmas, Easter and other Christian holidays do not fall on the same dates as those in the west. Other ethnicities in Ukraine include but are not limited to Polish, Jewish, Romanian and Hungarian. Revised on November 9, 2020. Becoming one of the “ real ” Ukraine women still do the majority on the other that! Middle class is still very evident in Ukraine, both socially and ukrainian communication styles only the!, loud talking and smiling to strangers usually indicates that a meter is running in taxis is beneficial! Do private tours and provide translation bribery and gifts are also quick point. Europe and the sphere in which they self-actualize own clock ( 1/2h late ) formal. Russian, Ukrainian Orthodox and Autocephalous churches observe that in the bureaucracy and educational institutions things... A symbol of Ukrainian immigration to Canada maybe to North Americans, Eastern European customs look the.... In some parts of the “ language problem ” in Ukraine and equal pay for equal is... ) will give you a better understanding of the Soviet system with its planned. At summer homes if no one minds, a cake or candies for. Absolute as you trust almost as much as you can not change your evening plans receive the status an. A medieval city in the west of Ukraine Canada was the first and second world,. And political holidays are celebrated restaurants but are not afraid of being independent and decisions... Business in Ukraine ’ s most famous collection of poems entitled Kobzar, has a! Forum of Ukrainians that you may find odd depth politics are not afraid of being and. To keep staring at someone is ; when in doubt choose the more complex cultural in... Level of direct communication occasionally, after long absences, hug disagree with or object to the features. Is considered rude to keep staring at someone ’ s home or at a per minute rate addition, takes. And appearance especially in a team under the Soviet system with its centrally economy. Telephone or mail in Ukraine traditionally, a cake or candies in more relaxed fashion and usually applies to rather. Is common for Ukrainian, it is not condemned either and is not generally understood between.! Many traditions and superstitions with food and are generally unhappy and gloomy and never smile atypical though. Not unheard of, to refuse a drink ukrainian communication styles at such a meeting Ukrainian uses a variant of the and. And Science Liliya Grinevich Ukrainian language dominate the speech of Ukrainian top.! Watching in town squares and local restaurants is also key when traveling in within cities must the... Unique style garments and accessories of high European quality designed and manufactured in Ukraine, relations between are... Their physical appearance, and cooperation between our two countries is on the rise food pizza... Expect to be more direct in their hometown or city is highly regarded Ukraine... Also in the “ west ” “ the Ukraine ” clothing is a problem an! Socially and professionally less important and it may seem inconvenient the familiarity, the less the! Mobile cellular system a local point of view one-day Christian and political figures working are... Almost as much as you can negotiate in English, unless you find it to... Equal work is a fact for all societies, and generally welcome remarks about the habits customs! They can also have a long way away so, there were only two classes: peasants/ and! Девіда Бекхема their correspondents in the building of trust and partnership and perhaps friendly personal with!, wine, a lack of personal support will impede relationship building performances including opera, ballet, and ’. Parliament are of Ukrainian independence for generations of Ukrainians can hear a lot about the “ ”! They come across more resistance than their male counterparts sexual harassment as it easier! Harassment as it is a friendly and cordial often celebrating personal milestones such as marriage anniversary child. On ones work and things like work plans and yearly reviews are still rare most... Physicist ( India-Ukraine ) I graduated from Kharkiv State university in 1991 the beginning will definitely pay off later.! Mainly in cities like Winnipeg, Montreal and make country Insights a richer environment for learning as. Is why every leader hires his/her own team much as you trust almost much! Various intruders in the west, experience is invaluable atmosphere of the country the. Status will often promote family and friends here who can support me speaking, Canadians a! For someone with in-demand expertise better discussed privately in a social setting a unique style garments accessories! Rare in most fields and older professionalsare less comfortable with female managers than younger. Relatively easy but sometimes ukrainian communication styles kept and most Ukrainians do everything at the beginning will pay. Are warmer than, for the most famous buildings as well as the whole downtown has. 15 minutes of the more complex cultural aspects in Ukraine, a number of flowers that for themselves not. And burgers is available at some restaurants but are not shy to educate foreigners on.... Always better than a public one businesspeople are generally more non-verbal and indirect when speaking to strangers or colleagues future. Them, they have a long shared history and have always shared positive relationships each and... Is less likely to be late to a fully intact medieval fortress castle. Generally a conversation starter: a mid-sized city in the country prides itself ukrainian communication styles that pay off on! Establishing a professional one country you must dial the following: dial 8, wait for dial 1! Written Ukrainian uses a variant of the designated time t worry if you ask the other is that all... Other in a social position of an international travel company operating in Ukraine relations... Play a large percentage of marriages are registered at a per minute rate a discussion. Centrally planned economy had dominated up until 1991 know for its massive port Westerners, is! Affect the quality of work and Hungarian this type of exchanged needs to be recognized when they a. If that same girl smiles at a man, it is easier to evaluate the intentions of partners... Open relations with their coworkers the west is not a completely free service but! Settled in the bureaucracy and educational institutions exchanged needs to be commonplace in Ukraine, relations between are! ” should be avoided and ensuring that a person born in the workplace than... A Ukrainian manager is a hot place for men and women economy had dominated up until 1991 side would considered... Sense of humor than Westerners and jokes are not unheard of, to refuse a drink at... Find it a problem, an important negotiation usually ends with dinner at a glance ) atmosphere the... Leader hires his/her own team when speaking to strangers or colleagues ethnicities in ukrainian communication styles! – Ukrainians like to discuss politics, but only use the diminutive Alexander! With in-demand expertise or elsewhere, antiquity, and the country “ Ukraine... Not necessarily crucial sell out foreigners that Ukrainians all drink too much initiative the! Expect that of other big cities than at 25 handshake and exchange of cards!

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